Some Pictures

I was hoping to have something nicer for you to look  at other than some crappy iPad pictures, but my buddy the photographer (who went ape over the bike when I first rolled it out) hasn’t showed up with his camera, so these will have to do.

“These” are pictures of my fourth bike, Miss Behaving. 



The Details: “MISS BEHAVING”

– Silver brazed lugged steel

– Richard Sachs “PegoRichie” tubes

– Richie-issimo Lugs and Bottom Bracket Shell

– Richie-issimo fork crown and Piccoli Gioielli Front/Rear Dropouts

– Internal rear brake routing

– Paint: Roth Metalflake BAD AZZ BLUE Pearl shot over a blue base 

– Decals and Headbadge by Taylor

– 74 degree head and seat tube, 39mm offset fork (56mm trail)

– 55cm top tube, 55cm (center top) seat tube, 40mm chain stays

– Campagnolo Athena 11, Old (2003) Chorus Hubs laced to Open Pro rims

– King head set

– Brooks Cambium saddle

– Nitto Two Bolt post (NICE)

– Nitto Bar & Stem
How does it ride?  Fabulous.  This is now my “go-to” bike.  I can definately see Miss Behaving getting a LOT of miles next season.  I’m also now a compact crank convert – the Athena 11 shifts perfectly, I can always find a perfect gear, and there is plenty of range to get my old and wrinkled ass up most climbs that I am likely to come across.  Again, perfect for epic rides next season.  I’m thinking Jerimiah Bishop’s Alpine Gran Fondo next September…


3 Responses to “Some Pictures”

  1. 1 Snow Goose
    October 19, 2015 at 2:58 am

    That is so beautiful!

  2. 2 Karl Hovey
    October 19, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    Must have some other buddy with a camera. I’d be happy to try to get some nice shots of your bike.

    Karl “I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph” H

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