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It’s Orange

Bike Number 2 = Orange. Paint by Taylor’s Paint Shop and Taxidermy.

It’s funny how when you paint a bike orange it immediately becomes “Merckx Orange.” I’ve had more than one person who has seen the bike out on the road say that.

“Cool Merckx Orange, bro!”

Well, it’s not.

Even though I am a big fan of Eddy (having actually met him once), the bike is NOT “Merckx Orange.” No, no, no. It is “Taylor Orange.” As in “That Taylor fellow sprayed his bike with a can of Rustoleum Orange, did a lot of work to get it all shiny, and here it is, dammit.”

And for the bike equipment anoraks who may have wandered onto this website: the bar tape is a roll of vintage Hunt – Wilde cello tape that I scored for $10 a while back. This stuff is one or two notches below Benotto tape in terms of quality, but it is a nice touch if I say so myself.  Hunt – Wilde used to come stock on Schwinn bikes back in the ’70s. It is, of course, total crap, but it is vintage crap and that one fact forgives all sins and makes it worth using.  Plus it works well with the theme of the bike.

Pretty snazzy, eh?

The image on the headbadge started life as an antique vinegar label.  I fiddled with it.  That's a picture of George Washington's Mount Vernon...which is just a couple of miles up the road.  George would have dug this bike.

Miss Adventure

This is perhaps the orangest bike ever.

The obligatory "art" shot.


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